Future of Punggol

Part of the Growth Zone under URA Masterplan

Smart District

Punggol Digital District (PDD) brings together the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)’s campus and JTC’s Business Park spaces within Punggol North to create Singapore’s first truly smart district. PDD will not just house the key growth industries of the digital economy like cybersecurity and digital technology, but will also be an inclusive and green lifestyle destination for the surrounding community.

It is envisioned to be:

  • A community playground and green heart for all residents of Punggol
  • A car-lite precinct that allows everyone to travel with ease
  • A vibrant economic and learning hub
  • A pilot Enterprise District, with shared spaces between industry and academia

Punggol Digital District

As Singapore takes steps towards being a Smart Nation, Punggol Digital District will be the showcase of how integrated master planning and technology can help create a more liveable and sustainable environment for the community at a local district level, and foster a thriving business and lifestyle ecosystem that attracts talent and enables innovation.

Here are some of the district-wide infrastructure and services that will be in the area:

An Open Digital Platform will integrate the management of the various buildings within a single estate system, as well as centralise the data collection of these systems. Innovators can plug into the platform and access the data to create community-centric solutions.

The Centralised Logistics Hub is a single stop where all goods can be dropped off and picked up, improving productivity and reducing traffic.

With a District Cooling System that centralises cooling needs, expect space and cost savings with reduction in the district’s carbon footprint.

Pneumatic Waste Collection, with a district-wide underground vacuum-pipe network, this would eliminate the need for waste collection trucks and eradicate odour from refuse chutes.

A Smart Energy Grid will not only enable consumers to adopt clean sources of energy for daily use (e.g. charging electric vehicles), but also facilitate greater energy efficiency and savings (e.g. through smart metering).


JTC Business Park

Businesses in the district will be able to test and adopt the new ideas conceived in SIT. This will, in turn, contribute to a high rate of commercialization success. Being the first enterprise district in Singapore, Punggol Digital District near to Piermont Grand location gives flexibility of land use that enables it to provide greater space. For example, we could have all the SIT research labs and learning facilities located inside JTC business park buildings. Or better yet, JTC could also have industry R&D facilities creating space within SIT’s buildings. Piermont Grand E-Application is now available. Please see more details on the Sales Gallery once the showflat opens for viewing and application online.

Apart from providing an inclusive green environment, the district will also include:

• A hawker center
• Childcare facilities
• Parks
• Community center
• Public Spaces

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